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Total Parking Lot Light Solution Under One Roof

Parking Lot Lighting Installation & Repair Service.

We install and service  parking lot lighting.  Parking lot lighting is indeed a very important component for parking which lighten up the dark at night. We also allocate installation and repair of lot lighting, from full parking lot lighting installations to any other commercial outdoor lighting requirements.

Bulb replacing and repairing

From replacing to repair damage or burned bulb, we fix all your lighting issues in affordable rates that will cover all your maintenance needs, our fixture packages is all about what you require.

Outdoor lighting experts

If you need any help and guidance regarding outdoor lighting so you can call us any time, we are there for you 24 hours to fulfill your requirements. Our experienced team will make your project as perfect as you dream. We have the tools to reach all types of commercial lighting.

Fixture and maintenance of lighting

Upgrade your metal halide or high pressure sodium lighting with new led fixtures which save money on power , save money not chancing bulbs  and save labor on paying some one to change the bulb.


Your convenience is our priority

Our first priority is to provide our clients convenient service and complete guidance of their project with low budget and best options. We take pride in your business, and want to keep your businesses lighting in top shape.

What makes an industry leader?

Saves your money
and time

We service, install and repair all types of parking lot
lighting systems. Metal Halide and High pressure sodium
we can replace we LED which saves you money on power,
service calls, parts and more. Save yourself from
distressing outages.


Parking Lot Lighting Repair

Parking Lot Lighting Installation

Parking Lot Pole Light Maintenance

Bulb Replacing and Repair

Outdoor Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Solar Powered LED Lighting

Industrial LED Lights

Parking Lot Line Striping

Line Removal and Space Layout

Pole Light Fixtures

LED Light Fixtures

Electrical Maintenance


Quality oriented service

Our experience technicians are always available to repair parking lot lights at a moment’s notice, with the tools to reach high places and the knowledge to make sure that each repair is done correctly. No matter the cause of the damage, our technicians are available to help respond to any issues and fix them accordingly.


Our team of experts available for you any time, you just need to inform us about your problem regarding your project.


Our knowledgeable and experienced squad will provide you its eminent service as fast as possible.


At New York parking lot lighting, we offer  you the utmost knowledge by providing you best possible service. We are your long-term and trustworthy business partner.


We realize our quality of work is what we will be known for, which indicates that action speaks louder than words. The team we maintain is highly skilled in giving quality customer service to people.

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For more information and queries you can contact us
at (718) 374-5175 to avail our best services.

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